Aaron | Class of 2018

“The price of success is dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”

Aaron is expected to graduate in 2018. He is not yet decided on which college he will attend, but he plans to study chemical engineering. The super exciting thing for him is that several schools have been looking into him, and he has visited several colleges and universities to explore his options. He not only plays football (and basketball), he is also a strong academic.

We were quite fortunate with the weather. They were calling for rain on the day of his session, and believe me, it really looked like it could pour when I left my house. When I arrived for the session, the sun came out! It was so bizarre. The timing couldn’t have worked out any more perfect though. We were able to get photos on the football field and in the stands, by the senior rock and in front of the school entrance. Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School has a tradition of seniors painting a rock annually during homecoming. When it started to downpour, we moved inside the school. Even though there were several games going on that day, we were able to go in the weight room as well as walk the hallways.

I’d like to wish Aaron the best of luck in the remainder of his senior year.

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.

Kollin | Class of 2018

“The great thing about him is that he will not quit.”

Kollin is a senior at Central High School and is a multi-sport athlete. He is expected to graduate in May 2018. He has not yet decided what he plans to do after graduation but is exploring different options.

We met in town for some photos before heading to the high school for sports-related shots (football mainly).

Like several of his teammates, he has played football for as long as he has been able. Recently, he was acknowledged for breaking a few school records. He is Central High School’s all-time leading rusher, passing the 3400 yard mark. He holds the record for total touchdowns. He also set the single game record when he ran for 229 yards with 6 touchdowns. Congratulations to him and the Central Comets!

Best of luck to Kollin with the remainder of the school year and football season.

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.

Connor | Class of 2018

“If you have the right mental attitude, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.”

Connor is expected to graduate in May 2018. I met up with him on two separate occasions. Once in late summer at the Clifton Pool to capture some images of the lifeguard portion of his life and then again after school started to get some casual shots and football ones.

When we met at the pool, it was actually my first time there. We met before the pool actually opened, so we didn’t have a bunch of people around or a number of distractions. Even better was the fact that it was hot out, and I stood in water for some of the shots!

Because Connor has played football in Clifton for as long as he has been able to, we had to get football photos too. Central has a fun tradition of spray painting the overpass near the high school with the senior football players’ names each year. With the help of his mom (who was our traffic control), we were able to take some on the bridge near his name.

The most memorable shooting location, however, was probably the locker room. Connor warned me before going in that it might smell… oh my! We didn’t stay in there long. 🙂

It was hot the day we met, so I’m sure that didn’t help. LOL

Here’s wishing the Central Comets the best of luck with the remainder of their season and good luck to Connor in your final year of high school!

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.

Haley | Class of 2017

“You will be so many things, and the one thing that I wish I’d known and want to say is, don’t just be yourself. Be all of yourselves. Don’t just live. Be that other thing connected to death. Be life. Live all of your life. Understand it. See it. Appreciate it. And have fun.”

Mother’s Day weekend was a momentous one for me. No, I’m not a mother. No, I’m not expecting. Rather, my oldest niece graduated from West Virginia University. At 27 years old, it really made me think about how fast time has flown!

Haley went off to West Virginia three years ago, and even though she changed her major, she still graduated earlier than the typical four years at the university level. She met a great guy while there. Her and Anthony compliment each other really well. One bonus for them is that they BOTH graduated this year!

As I type this, they are in the process of starting another adventure… moving to Texas.

According to George Bernard Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Like so many other adults, they are moving on, growing up, changing. I’m so proud of their accomplishments and am so excited for them. They will go places. Literally.   🙂

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.

Troy | Class of 2017

“I will always be me… but when it comes time to step out onto that field, me gets a little more serious, a little more dedicated, and nobody stands in my way.”

I was so excited when Naomi, Troy’s mom, contacted me about taking his senior photos! Three years ago (that’s hard to believe), I took his brother’s senior photos. I’ve had the pleasure of also photographing Naomi and her husband’s vow renewal celebration. I enjoy working with this family because they are all so, so nice. They are a joy to be around.

We met in Wilmington on a beautiful, sunny day. Fortunately for all of us, it wasn’t in the 40’s like it was the day prior! It was nice getting caught up while also taking photos throughout the downtown area. When we finished up with our ‘urban’ setting, we ventured to the high school in order to capture some baseball shots too. Let me tell you all, it was quite the adventure for me when I arrived at the baseball field. If my self-confidence was hurting, it would have raised a few points that day when I managed to squeeze through a fence! I’m sure that was a sight to see! Thanks to Troy and Naomi for assuring me I wouldn’t get stuck! Haha!

Troy will be graduating this month, and he is really looking forward to it. He plans to study architecture at Southern Illinois University. I’m sure he will do very well. Good luck on your future endeavors, Troy! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.

Brenden | Class of 2017

“We do not remember days. We remember moments.”

Brenden will graduate from Kankakee High School in May 2017. He, like many other seniors, is very much looking forward to graduating. While he is still unsure of what his plans are after graduation, I’m sure he will succeed in whatever path he chooses.

Congratulations and best of luck on your final year in high school! Make memories you’ll cherish for years to come!