Spring 2017 | Easter Family Mini

“Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.”

The day before Easter couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining, and the temperature was really warm! The trees were starting to get leaves on them, and it was really looking like spring! This family had their Easter clothes on, and they looked awesome! Bonus points to all four kids for being so well behaved too!!

We met at the State Park, which is such a great location for families. We walked the trails a bit and came back to a covered bridge as well. It was nice to see all the families out and about enjoying the nice day. Here’s hoping this family had a fantastic Easter holiday!

Camden | 6 Months

“I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper and reach great heights.”

It’s hard to believe, but Camden is officially 6 months old!

Because of the tremendous amount of rain we’ve had lately, we met at a greenhouse for this session. We wanted to ensure we were covered (haha) in case it rained. Luckily for us, it was a gorgeous spring day, so we could do some photos outside too!

Cam’s mommy always has the most adorable little outfits for him. It was cuteness overload!! He woke up from his nap when they arrived, so he was quite content through the whole session. And when mommy sang to him, he was all smiles! Because mother’s day is around the corner, we made sure to capture some “mommy and me” photos as well! I think Cam really enjoyed those! 🙂

During a child’s first year of life, milestone sessions are a great way to “watch them grow”. It’s amazing to look back at Cam’s newborn and 3 month sessions to see how much he changes from one to the next. In 6 months, when we celebrate his first birthday (YAY!), I’m going to marvel again at how much he has grown and learned! I take great pride in helping parents capture memories of their children at different ages. It is truly rewarding.

Meet Eleanor | Newborn 2017

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things… wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

Baby Eleanor was expected to arrive in the second week of March, which also happened to be the same time my husband and I would be out of the country on vacation! I touched base with Diana before we left and had a feeling their little girl would be arriving soon. We were in southern Ireland when I saw their announcement post on Facebook.

What an exciting time for Robert and Diana! Eleanor’s brother, Memphis, is a year and a half, and they both at such a fun age. She looks so much like her big brother! Lots of thick, dark hair! So adorable! Congratulations again to the wonderful parents!!

Welcome to the world, Eleanor!

Camden | 3 Months

“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore.”

Camden celebrated three months in style. We met on New Year’s Eve, and he was all smiles! It is amazing what a content child he is. Nothing seemed to phase him, and the love he has for his parents is so evident. He just loved to look at them!

It’s fun to see the similarities and differences since his newborn session. Cam still has as much hair as he did as a newborn… maybe even more! And it’s absolutely adorable! He is starting to look a little more like mom as he gets older, and you see qualities of both parents in his facial features. His personality is starting to come out, and his muscles are getting stronger too. At one point, he wanted nothing to do with sitting; he wanted to stand! Can’t wait to see what his 6-month session has in store! 🙂

It is amazing to see the growth and development of children in their first year. This is one of the awesome benefits to a “Grow With Me” package because we can capture your family from pregnancy to newborn and all through the child’s first year of life!

Meet Adeline | Newborn 2016

“Precious one. So small, so sweet. Dancing in on angel’s feet. Straight from heaven’s brightest star, what a miracle you truly are!”

When I sit down to write a blog about a newborn, I can’t help but also think of baby books. But the thought tends to stop there.

Not today. As the thought popped in my head, I couldn’t help but also wonder about their history. When did people start noting all the fun milestones and intimate details of infancy?

According to Janet Golden, a historian at Rutgers-Camden, baby books began mass production in the 1910s in America. At that time, there were more expensive, bound versions as well as cheaper, paper pamphlet versions. They grew in popularity in the following years.

However, notes about babies didn’t magically begin in 1910. There were a number of detailed accounts and child studies prior to then. In most cases, though, these notes were more for scientific purposes and curiosities. As medicines and sciences improved, so did the health and wellbeing of children.

By the 1900s, it was more likely that your children would survive. Expectations shifted. It makes sense that baby books should appear around this time. We could now embrace the life and experience of childhood! We could anticipate a future for our children.

As the years have passed, we have seen yet another shift… to blogs and online documentation and sharing. As you sit here reading this blog, you are partaking in that cultural and technological shift that has become a wonderful tool for families.

I am excited to share these images of sweet, little Adeline. This beautiful baby girl was born on December 21 and is a precious gift for her mom and dad. I want to extend the largest of congratulations to them. It is such an honor to be part of the early moments in a newborn’s life. To help their parents capture their child’s beauty, their size, their expressions.

Winter 2016 | Norvell Family

“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

Carrie reached out to me that her son was in town from out-of-state, and her family was all together for Christmas. She asked if I was available to get some photos for them before they all dispersed back to their homes.

What a awesome moment!

We met up the day after Christmas. It wasn’t quite as warm as it had been for Christmas, but it still wasn’t too cold. The ground was wet from the rain the day before. (Unfortunately for me, as I slid in the mud mid-session!)

They were a such a great family. They all seemed to really enjoy each other and made our time together entertaining. I was happy to be able to get some family photos while they were all together for the holidays!

2016 | Year in Review

2016 has been a busy year to say the least! My year started out a crazy one, working a full time job, part time job and also doing photography. Fortunately by spring, one job came to a conclusion, and I was able to drop down to just the full time job and my photography business. I took advantage of my newly found “free time” to focus on photography and marketing strategies.

With that being said, 2016 has been a year of many changes for my photography business. I launched a new website, photowhimsybymegan.com, (thanks for visiting!) and expanded my presence on social media. I enjoy learning new things, so I have been developing the site myself and have made it a goal of 2017 to fine-tune and continue to develop my online presence.

Professional Highlights of 2016:

  • Photo Whimsy by Megan has been verified by Google and Yelp as a business and is now searchable!
  • Since July 2016, I have published 21 blog posts and 3 YouTube videos.
  • My Facebook likes have grown to 406 (and counting).
  • I can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, Google+ and Pinterest.

Personal Highlights of 2016:

  • My husband (Shane) and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in June!
  • Shane, my dog (Santo) and I moved to a new house in the spring and have had the adventures of turning that house into our home!
  • We managed to travel a bit this year as well, despite having opposite schedules and varying vacation times to work with. Most notably, we visited Nashville, Tennessee and Door County, Wisconsin for the first time!
  • Three of my friends got married this year. I actually photographed two of the three.
  • Three of my friends had babies. I photographed each of those cuties.
  •  One of my nieces and one of my nephews graduated from high school. Their senior sessions were photographed in 2015. 
  • The Chicago Cubs won the World Series! (What a way to conclude the highlights!)

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year! We’ll see you in 2017!

Winter 2016 | Snowfall Session

“WINTER: A lingering season

is a time to gather golden moments,

embark on a sentimental journey

and enjoy every idle hour.”

The night before this session, Zoe and I texted back and forth. They were calling for snow the following day.

“Should we reschedule? Should we wait and see?”

The next morning, the snow was falling in epic proportions. I went outside and took a few test shots in the snow and texted Zoe that I was willing to try if she was. It wasn’t too cold out, but there were some big, wet flakes falling. We both agreed that they would be some pretty awesome photos, especially since we were meeting at a local Christmas tree farm for the session.

When we met up for the session, believe me when I say we moved pretty quick. I brought some towels and a blanket with me in case we needed to warm anyone up. We walked into the tree farm and WAM, BAM, DONE!

I couldn’t be happier with this session. Everyone looked great. The snow fell beautifully. Nobody froze. We got some great family photos.

After all… “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

Winter 2016 | Smith Family

“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

I have had the honor of photographing the Smith family for over a year now. When we met for our first photo session, Memphis was just three months old. Since then, I have seen him grow up into a walking and talking machine! I was beyond excited when Diana emailed me that she was expecting. Little Girl Smith is due in March… right around the time of my birthday, actually.

We met in their home for the session, as the winter chill had settled in that day. Memphis wasn’t shy at all and seemed to have a blast! We got some great family shots as well as some maternity images. It will be an extra special birthday treat for me next year to have a newborn session around the same time. It’s always a great day when it’s spent with an itty, bitty baby!! Congratulations to the Smith family! I’m looking forward to March!

Monee Wedding | Gil & Taylor

“Love one another. Forgive each other. Pray together.

Bear each others burdens. Count your blessings. Never give up.”

Gil and Taylor were married on October 22 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony held at the home of Gil’s parents.

It couldn’t have been a nicer day. The sun was shining. The decorations were in place. The bride and groom were dressed in their finest. Family and friends were present to celebrate the joyous occasion.

I started my day with Taylor and her bridesmaids while they had their hair and makeup done and stayed through the reception. Upon arriving at the ceremony site, all I can say is that it was gorgeous. They had an archway welcoming guests to the backyard where the ceremony and reception were to be held. A sign read “The Fairytale Begins This Way.” How true that sign was!

From a touching first look between Taylor and her father to watching Taylor read a letter from Gil before the ceremony, love and happiness were in the air for sure!

I want to extend the warmest of congratulations to Gil and Taylor. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and fun! You were a wonderful couple to work with, and you had a PERFECT day!  Please enjoy a glimpse into that perfect day with the following video.