Summer 2018 | Blake & Kaylee

“You taught me how to feel the butterflies over and over and over again.”

Blake and Kaylee have been married for two years. It was an honor and a surprise to have been contacted by Kaylee, as she lived in California at the time. When she said she was interested in a session in Gilman, I was intrigued.

Kaylee lived in Gilman for much of her life, and she was to be in town again for her sister’s wedding. While in town, she wanted to take advantage of having photos done. This was the first time they’ve gotten photos taken since their wedding.

We met in Haun Park in Gilman. This was a new place for me, and I’m quite excited about this hidden gem! It is a relatively hidden park and pretty spot.

I enjoyed our session and am happy to have been able to meet with this lovely couple.

Photo Whimsy by Megan is a Clifton, Illinois-based photographer.