Maverick | 18 Months

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

It is truly amazing how quickly children learn and grow. They start in a completely dependent state and become independent before you know it. With the courage and pride in taking those first steps, they get a taste of freedom. They can do things for themselves. Move by themselves. In their itty bitty bodies, they think they rule the world.

Maverick is no exception. At 18 months old, he is all boy and full of autonomy.

Our photo session was a bunch of fun. We let him have the driver’s seat to some degree and followed him around the park. I’m a big fan of candid, less-posed shots, especially when it comes to kids. You can get a true sense of their personality and spunk.

Mav brought along one of his favorite toys (Mickey Mouse) and some books. It was great to get a few photos of him with these items as well. As much fun as it is to see your child’s growth in photos, having a few shots with favorite toys can capture those additional memories of their childhood… what did they love, what were they into at the time.

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