2 + 1 Equals a Beautiful Family

“I think the best and most precious things in life are:

big warm hugs; passionate kisses

the smell of rain; daydreaming

walking through a field of wildflowers


smiles from anyone, particularly strangers

soft, cushy pillows; anything chocolate

and lastly, being loved.”

PrimRose is named for the first wildflower to bloom in the spring. This beautiful and unique name has special meaning to JaeCee and Beiker because she is their first child, born in the spring.

JaeCee and Beiker are family-oriented and very loving. Prim is absolutely adored, and it is evidenced by her ever-present smile! It was a joy to photograph this family. And to see the love and joy on the faces of Prim’s grandparents was icing on the cake! I left this session with that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only be associated with the love of family.