Meet Mason | Newborn 2016

Mason was born in the afternoon on Friday, September 23, 2016.

I had been checking in with his mommy in her last weeks of pregnancy, and I remember her telling me how bored she was. She was anxiously awaiting his arrival and did not anticipate him to arrive when he did! She had a doctor’s appointment that day and went to it like normal. They told her not to take any detours and to go to the hospital because she was going to have a baby! I was impressed in listening to her tell how calm and collected she was. She had a great experience and was blessed with a handsome baby boy.

Jeremy and Ashley are two very proud parents, and I am so happy for them. It is safe to say that Mason will be raised a Chicago Cubs fan! He not only sported a Cubs outfit the day he came home from the hospital, but he had a special one for photos too!

Welcome to the World, Mason!