Santo | Beagle Mix Mini Session

“Love is a four-legged word!”

My husband, Shane, and I adopted Santo two years ago. We had always sort of looked at dogs online for fun, but we hadn’t really thought about getting one at the time. We had just moved into our first house about four months earlier and got engaged about five months before that. There was a lot going on for us – adjusting to living together (and without our parents) and planning a wedding for the following year!

One night, I came across a photo of two dogs – they were brothers – and they were both up for adoption through a local rescue. I took a screenshot of the photo. I showed my husband, and we decided we wanted to meet the two dogs in person…

Let’s just say, when we got to Petco, we fell in love! Keno and Stephano were beagle/corgi mix brothers. They blocked off an area for us to interact with the two dogs, and we quickly saw their personalities. Keno was very energetic, and Stephano was much more laid back. Shane couldn’t get over how well Keno played fetch. He threw that ball over and over, and he never seemed to wear out. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get over how adorable and gentle Stephano was. I was sitting Indian-style on the floor, and he walked over and sat down right next to me. His calm demeanor and loving nature won me over in a heartbeat.

Shane and I looked at each other, and we knew we would be submitting our application to adopt. Now came the dilemma of deciding which dog we would adopt or if we would adopt both! Because it was a year of so many changes already, neither one of us (even though we wanted to) could commit to adopting two dogs. We both agreed on Stephano. What was even better was that we got to do a trial weekend with him!

Stephano came home with us, and he was a dream. He was already potty-trained, crate-trained and even understood a few commands (“sit”, “paw”). It was just icing on the cake when he snuggled up and fell asleep on Shane’s lap!

After the application process and a home visit, we officially adopted Stephano in August 2014. Stephano seemed like a mouth-full, so we tried to come up with a name that sounded similar. One of Shane’s coworkers suggested “Santo” after Ron Santo, the famous Chicago Cubs player. Shane is a HUGE Cubs fan, so needless to say, this was an obvious choice!

Santo is absolutely our baby, and we love him so much! I have heard the phrase,”I didn’t rescue my dog; my dog rescued me.” Believe me, he really did. We couldn’t imagine our lives, our home, without Santo there to greet us and to snuggle with us.

For anyone interested in adopting a dog, Sunrise Center Animal Rescue has regular adoption events in Bourbonnais, Illinois. They sincerely care about all of the animals, and we were very happy with the adoption process.

Santo and I decided to have a mini session this past weekend, and he was a natural!