4th of July | 2016 Family

4th of July is an exciting time to take photos. Red, white and blue are bright, bold colors that photograph well and provide that extra POP to the summer session.

This year, like years in the past, I went to an old neighbor’s house for their annual 4th of July picnic. This is a big event for them every year. They have more food than you can imagine. Impromptu baseball games take place in a mowed field next to their house. A tractor pulls not just one, but TWO hayracks full of people down the road. It’s an event we all look forward to because it is your perfect, traditional American picnic.

Because I know most of my immediate family attends, I texted my brother a few days before and asked if I could pull his three kids aside for some photos during the picnic.

As a photographer, you do not always know your location before you get there. It could be completely new to you or maybe a place you do not go to regularly enough to have designated “spots” to take your clients. In this case, it was a place I had been to several times… but I had never photographed at.

A quick assessment of the area usually opens up your creativity. Sometimes, the not-so-immediate thought for a background may be the best one! We chose an old shed, a metal fence line and the side of a barn.

These three were full of smiles for me that day! (I pulled them aside right after lunch!) As you can see in the tall image, they kept me on my toes too!